How to get a bigger penis ?

how to get a bigger penis

Every man wants to know, how to make your dick bigger. Of course men always want more size. It doesn’t matter that woman don’t care about the size of your penis, you care. One search on the internet will give you hundreds of thousands of search results. You can find everything from penis pumps to pills to make your girth and length better. Medical research suggests that none of these methods work but it doesn’t stop men from trying them out at a steep cost. On average, if a male is looking to enlarge his penis size he is willing to spend over $1,000 a year in doing so. This is money that is spend on supplements and tools to aid in his journey.

The only well researched and documented to record any sort of size change is herbal supplements. With all supplements though, it’s better to buy them locally and through a vendor that you trust instead of a website that has no rules or regulations through the FDA. Ginseng is easy to come by at your local grocery store, the healthy effects of this herb have been known to increase your growth. It’s easy to infuse in a nice hot tea with a little ginkgo to boost your metabolism also. If you don’t like the flavor, try crushing some watermelon in it! Yes, watermelon. The properties in watermelon have shown progress as a super food for men, increasing the size and longevity of an erection.

Your lifestyle also affects the size of your penis. If you truly want to make your penis larger, you need to change your lifestyle. Weight Loss is one key element. When your body is able to grow and enhances itself, all parts will grow. However, if your body is too busy fighting back excessive weight and health problems. It will not be able to properly get the functions needed to grow. Another added bonus is though weight loss, you may not grow but if your body is fit and trim, it will make your penis appear larger than if you were overweight.

The final method for getting a bigger penis is through surgical enhancement. This route may not be for everyone though. It can be costly; ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 for the surgery and recovery facility afterwards. Not to mention the risks involved with altering a major part of your body. If not done correctly the results could be fatal or you could lose all feeling in the member permanently. You can also suffer from a significant decrease in sexual power when you consider having surgical penis enhancement.

Overall, if you are looking for the best method to gain a longer and stronger erection, you should try a balanced diet with a few special teas added in there. Options like non-FDA approved enhancement pills and penis pumps are a waste of money. Your money would be better spent getting a guy membership and a dietitian to help you get your body into shape. Surgery is always an option for how to make your dick bigger, but it’s an expensive one. Stick with the herbs and exercise and play it safe.